I'm InTouch

I'm InTouch 6.1

Control your PC across the Internet by logging in from a PC or wireless device
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Remotely control your PC from any computer or wireless device with Internet access. Control your PC to run any program, transfer files and folders, respond to Outlook email, remotely print documents. Now you can remotely troubleshoot and fix PC's, invite remote guests to your PC to show presentations, online demos, or conduct online training sessions. You can also use I'm InTouch as a parental control software in Stealth Mode, to monitor your child's computer and Internet activities. I'm InTouch removes the barrier of distance and makes your PC accessible to you from virtually anywhere. This easy to use and secure remote access service installs on the PC you want to be able to reach within minutes. You'll enjoy the ability to be away from your home or office and still remain connected to your PC and the important information and programs that you use in a typical day.

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